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Meiaobang really healthy environmental protection the bond coating

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Qualified environmental protection paint coating product will have a statement issued by the third party testing organizations detection, consumers can ask for the test to the businessman, check the two important environmental protection index of paint coating, the content of free tdi and benzene free tdi is exist in wood coatings curing agent on the human body harmful substances, benzene toxicity is big, will lead to leukemia, liver harm the human body, reduce the human body immunity, the less the content of free tdi and benzene health safety of paint coating product.

With the standardization of the state of packaging, healthy environmental protection product packaging are through the China environmental product certification, China environmental product certification mark is the most stringent authentication marks.A good paint high hardness, good scratch resistance, not easy scratches, can have very good maintenance effect.Consumers can try to use nails or paper in sample appearance after back and forth, good lubrication condition, paint looks and lower hardness of the paint will present significant fine scratches, affect the beauty and longevity.

Beauty the bond coating chooses international standard and advanced equipment, free tdi content not only reach the national standard, and even reached the European standard, is truly healthy environmental protection product.

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