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On the roof waterproof should be "flexible integration"

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How do the roof waterproof? Whether prefabricated or cast-in-place structure roof are required in accordance with the relevant national standards should be "rigid combination" (rigid material and flexible material) waterproof construction.

A, base level requirements

Base surface is clean, moisture content is not greater than 9%, leveling &compaction, head neatly, complete all nodes, and meets the requirements.

B, the first line of waterproof layer

(1), laid the flexible waterproof layer, select BANGDIWEI water shield waterproof coating (high spring type) or the coil can be. Its construction requirements base moisture content is not greater than 9%, so appropriate in hot weather, and even the fine construction after five days of summer. When completed, should be tested for water storage experiment.

(2), such as waterproof coating, a coated cloth two "for example: clean up the grass, full of brush, paint dry film, laying a layer of non-woven fabric reinforced material, and in the exhibition has fixed full brush a layer of paint on the surface, drying after construction paint. The total thickness of the waterproof coating shall be 2 mm or more.

(3), such as waterproofing construction, clean up the grass, in the opposite and brush adhesive base sheet, according to the benchmark linear elastic good youyuanerjin paste, roll, finally do joint head check processing.

C,Second waterproof layer

The laying of the rigid waterproof layer, should be completed in the first flexible waterproof layer after two days of construction, mainly in waterproofing agent, cement, sand, fine aggregate, fiber as basic material, waterproof layer thickness is 20-30 mm.

(1), according to the requirements of specification installation frame wood, the compartment is set to 4000 mm x 4000 mm. Then the base level and wet sprinkler, but can not have water.

(2)According to the distance away from high to low, the order of the mortar prepared or fine stone concrete by lattice construction, with a lattice a complete, smooth compaction.

(3)After initial setting, remove the lattice strips, calendering and finishing of lattice sew.

(4)With 线槽宝  enbedded seam filling the compartment, the processing surface. Pay attention to the sprinkler maintenance after construction completion.

(5) the roof is planted in the soil, the soil should be covered in a short time.

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