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  • 12-29 2016 +Read More
    Meiaobangera of pluralistic values Auban pride in National Paint King

    The values in the influence of modern culture under the impact of the implementation of a new feature of pluralism, and a wide range of values for the Meiaobang, the market is not brought about the choice of dispersion, but a powerful cohesive force, still occupy the sales king in coating market thr

  • 12-29 2016 +Read More
    Decoration waterproof decoration should be cautious

    Waterproof decorate in the family is decorated in a very important role, it is the most prone to risk link, if decorate waterproof do not good, not only damage to his house, can also affect the neighbors and the residents downstairs. Waterproof decoration, of course, it is important to take cover en

  • 12-29 2016 +Read More
    Meiaobangbuilding materials adhere to the real knowledge comes from practice to pass on the market rules

    The formation and development of every country is a difficult process. Throughout history, also very few people to the success of the wind. The current our country faced all kinds of social contradictions, recently some of the incidents also cause a lot of adverse effects. Historical orbit is always

  • 12-29 2016 +Read More
    BANGDIWEI waterproof good product of choice

    As to improve the construction quality, at home and abroad to make building waterproof and waterproof construction after so long maintenance simple waterproof coating is more and more accepted and recognized. BANGDIWEI waterproof coating because of its enduring bond, large-scale elongation, excellen

  • 12-29 2016 +Read More
    On the roof waterproof should be "flexible integration"

    How do the roof waterproof? Whether prefabricated or cast-in-place structure roof are required in accordance with the relevant national standards should be "rigid combination" (rigid material and flexible material) waterproof construction.A, base level requirementsBase surface is clean, moisture con

  • 12-29 2016 +Read More
    Meiaobang really healthy environmental protection the bond coating

    Qualified environmental protection paint coating product will have a statement issued by the third party testing organizations detection, consumers can ask for the test to the businessman, check the two important environmental protection index of paint coating, the content of free tdi and benzene fr

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